Best Honeymoon Resort in Cox’s bazar

We all know that the longest sea beach is located at Cox’s bazar. For most travelers, Cox’s bazar is the best place to spend their quality time with their families and friends. Cox’s bazar has many hotels and resorts where you can stay safely and securely.

Cox’s bazar has both luxurious and cheap hotels where people can stay while they visit there. You can also find some honeymoon resorts in cox’s bazar. Most of the hotels are located near the beach, where you can enjoy the amazing sunrise and sunset. It won’t be a wrong choice to go to cox’s bazar for your honeymoon.

Now let’s talk about a few resort of cox’s bazar.

v Mermaid beach resort

This resort is not only popular in cox’s bazar but also one of the most popular honeymoon resorts in Bangladesh. It is also very near to the city itself. This resort is very attractive to visitors. This is not like other hotels. You can find various options like what kind of space you want.

You can get a bedroom bungalow for privacy just near the beach where you can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset. This is exactly what you want. The privacy is very important when you are going for a honeymoon with your partner. Mermaid beach resort has all the facilities for couples like newly married, which is very private and secure.

v Mermaid eco-resort

This is also one of the best resorts in cox’s bazar. This resort is not too far from the marine drive road. You can get the best view of the marine drive road and an amazing view of the sea. They have the best food service. You can get a very separate bedroom with all the facilities.

v Royal tulip cox’s bazar

This hotel is also located in cox’s bazar. This resort is very near to the city. The beach is also not very far. You can have a good time with your partner there. It has amazing facilities like restaurants, pools, spa, etc. The view from the hotel is very amazing. This hotel is very popular for newly married couples.

v Ocean paradise

We are talking about the best honeymoon resort of cox’s bazar. So we can’t ignore the fame of Ocean paradise. It is also very popular not only for travelers but also for couples. This is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of cox’s bazar.

This resort is also very near to the beach and the city. You can get all the five-star hotel facilities in Ocean paradise. They also have a bar at the rooftop, which is pretty amazing. You will be able to relax with your partner with a cup of wine if you want.


There are many resorts in cox’s bazar where you can spend your most valuable time with your partner. Most of the resort has the best view of the sea. I believe you won’t feel regret if you want to go for a honeymoon with your partner in Cox’s bazar.

Most of the resort offers the best prices and many amazing packages. You can also book online for the resort. The process is not difficult. Choose the best resort for yourself wisely.